CDAC's Focus on Diversity in Research and Work

CDAC's focus on diversity in research and work creates a competitive advantage for our customers, our employees, and our company.

Every day, at all levels of CDAC's business, we strive to create an environment of trust and respect, where each individual is included and valued. This environment enables all CDAC members to develop and contribute to their full potential.

The Human Resource group in CDAC is continuously involved in effectively implementing its philosophy of employee centric policies, a great learning platform, freedom to think, evolve and implement and an informal work culture that is second to none. Thus creating a conducive work environment to facilitate the CDAC employees to develop and contribute in keeping with the stated Vision & Mission objectives of

C-DAC designs and offers a number of solutions to markets that include defense, linguistics, multimedia, hardware and software technologies, atmospheric sciences, network and internet solutions, life sciences, healthcare, and IT training.

Though our niche lies mainly in the area of research and development, we are continuously striving to make ourselves self-reliant by marketing our products and solutions nationally and internationally. Thus we offer an environment to our employees to make their creativity economically viable and profitable to the organization.

CDAC is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objectives and is essential to continued business success.

That match some of the best in the industry

C-DAC believes in keeping its members financially comfortable and has accordingly designed its compensation package, which is balanced and is in keeping with the industry standards. At the induction level (fresh graduates), our compensation package is amongst the best in the industry comprising of the basic salary, Dearness allowance, City Compensatory allowance and other benefits like Contributory Provident Fund, liberalized Leave Travel Concession, House Rent Allowance or Leased Accommodation, Conveyance Reimbursements, Reimbursement of books/journals/newspapers, Children Education allowance, Credit Card fees and long term loans. Our Medical Scheme for the employees is comprehensive and among one of the best covering the employee's and his / her dependent family members.

We also recognize and award performance through a well-designed performance linked compensation scheme. As the employee advances rapidly in his/her career, matching compensation also becomes due. Within the existing constraints, C-DAC keeps its compensation package under constant review and extends benefits for its members through a process of rationalization and benefits from time to time.